Baby: salty-fruity recipes

Baby: salty-fruity recipes

Peach, apricot, grape, banana, mango, pear, apple ... the fruits go very well with salty recipes. Make your baby discover innovative and gourmet recipes that will please him thanks to their sweet taste.

Our baby recipes: put fruits in your dishes

Pork with apricot

Carrot salad with banana

Cod with mango

Cute pork and roasted peach

Pear mousse with goat cheese

Apple-Carrot Fish Papillote

Gaspacho melon watermelon

Kiwi chicken

Pork with roasted grapes

Trifles of duck and pear

Ham with banana

Pumpkin puree with turkey

Sole with grapefruit

Duck with peach

Fresh cheese pear salad

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