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Wide neck or fine line, colorful patterns or transparent chic: here is a selection of baby bottles that will appeal to infants. also the accessories that go with it to make life easier for moms.

Selection updated on February 28, 2018

Bottles our selection (26 photos)

Baby Bottle Nesting Bottle Set

Imagined by two dads, here is the first bottle trundle! Stackable, lightweight, ultra resistant, recyclable, design ... This new nomadic accessory saves space and is 100% made in France! Composed of 3 bottles (1 x 360ml + 2 of 210ml), this set is suitable for all ages with its ergonomic nipples in pure silicone and anti-colic valve and offers babies a suction without effort. It is also 100% recyclable: from its recycled cardboard packaging to its organic cotton pouch to its pacifiers or Tritan baby bottles. 3 sets to choose from: Much-passionately-to madness, Liberty-equality-fraternity, Enjoy-french-milk: 39 € the set of 1 bottle 360ml + 2 bottles of 210 ml. Where to find them?

Panda Total Look Physio Suavinex Collection Bottles

Nice, pandas that nest on this new collection of baby bottles. Wide collar with anti-colic teat, physiological silicone, size 6-18 months, medium flow - Capacity 150ml / 270ml / 360ml: 7,99 € / 8,79 € / 8,99 €. Where to find them?

Tigex Multiflow Feeding Bottles

The new range of Tigex baby bottles brings a real innovation with its Multiflow teat and its unique micro-perforation system re-erecting the milk ducts of the breast. The regular and uniform flow, which allows the micro-perforation, reproduces the natural rhythm of breast feeding. Thus, the rate of assimilation of milk is optimal in terms of duration of feeding and digestion. A wide range of sizes in polypropylene or glass, sold in GMS: € 4.95 150ml bottle, € 5.25 300ml baby bottle, € 6.20 360ml baby bottle and € 6.90 240ml glass baby bottle. The Multiflow teat is sold by 2 in supermarkets at a price of € 3.60. More informations

Nuk Nature Sense Feeding Bottles

Nuk offers with Nature Sense bottles a new generation of physiological teats with an ultra-soft physiological tip that incorporates micro-holes reproducing the milk ducts of the breast, ensuring a regular and natural feed rate. To ensure that babies in the weaning phase undergo a natural breast-to-bottle transition and offer all babies bottle-feeding close to breast-feeding. Thanks to its size concept (0-6 months, 6-18 months), the Nuk pacifier grows with the child's rhythm to adapt perfectly to the oral cavity. 8,70 € the bottle 150 ml, 9,70 € the bottle 260 ml and 7 € 2 teats silicone. 4 colors to choose from. On sale in GSS. More informations

Bunny Béaba baby bottle

Shatterproof baby bottle with round bottom and removable handles. Its half-moon bottom limits deposits for easy cleaning. Its pacifier is designed to regulate the air, facilitate the head and reduce colic: 9 € approximately.

Suavinex bottle and teat drip tray

Design and practical, this drainer can dry bottles, pacifiers, lollipops and learning cups. Without BPA, it is dishwasher safe: 27.95 € (Suavinex).

Where to find it?

Air control bottles Tigex

With its pimpled handles to ensure an intuitive, non-slip grip, Tigex's new Air Control narrow-neck bottle also has a curved shape for a better grip, and its silicone nipple incorporates an air-regulating system to reduce wear and tear. regurgitation.

€ 3.80 bottle 240 ml, in large and medium surfaces.


Its unscrewed bottom vented reduces colic of the infant. It sterilizes itself in the microwave in 3 minutes: just place the pacifier and water in the bottom and heat! Anti-colic baby bottle: € 7 in 260 ml (Mam Baby).

More info here

Béaba baby bottle drainer

Nice design and easy wallet, it's all good! € 33 approx.

Kit to start

Practical to start, a special maternity exit kit with 4 natural polypropylene bibs (without BPA), a bottle cleaning bottle and pacifier and a silicone pacifier: 39,90 € (Philips Avent).
Where to find it?

Special newborn

Supported by the medical profession, the Nuk First Choice nipple equips nurses (single-use bottles) used in maternity wards. Today it is the only pacifier recommended by the French Union for Bucco Dental Health. So that back home, your baby can benefit from the same nipples, which he has become accustomed to in the maternity, NUK launches the box "Out of maternity" consisting of a bottle of 150 ml and 3 teats disposable conditioned in sterile packaging.
In pharmacies, 6 € the box.

Anti regurgitation

The Intuition wide neck baby bottle, available in unbreakable glass or polypropylene, is the ideal ally for mothers who opt for mixed breastfeeding or for babies who are weaning. Her pacifier provides a natural breastfeeding close to breastfeeding, facilitating the breast-milk transition. It reduces the regurgitation and hiccups thanks to its Air Control system of air regulation. First Age Intuition of Tigex: € 4.50 bottle 150 ml, € 4.85 bottle 300 ml, € 6.50 bottle 240 ml glass.


Here is a clever bib that allows baby to grow gradually. The concept ? A bottle offered with a pacifier and a 100% leak-proof beak, so that your baby passes easily from one to the other. We like the removable handles to hold alone before knowing how to take it well in hand.
Mam transition baby bottle: 7,95 € the 220 ml (extra leaky beak sold separately in a batch of 2: 5,35 €). 3 colors to choose from. In pharmacy and in specialized stores.


The famous bottle of triangular section is completely revised for convenience with a wide collar facilitating filling and cleaning, an enlarged base for better stability, a pacifier with anti-colic valve 3 speeds to better adapt to the appetite of your baby.
Bottle initiation +: from 6,50 € in 150 ml to 7,70 € in 330 ml (Dodie).
More info here.


Newcomer in pharmacy and drugstore, this bottle with soft lines is equipped with a cap that fits the shape of the pacifier for a perfect seal.
It is made of polypropylene with a silicone teat with flow control system.
Bottle "I like": from 6,60 € in 150 ml to 7,50 € in 330 ml (Luc and Lea).
Several models.
More info here.

Girl or boy

Pink for girls and blue for boys, this 300 ml bottle, made of unbreakable polypropylene, Bisphenol A-free, has a wide neck and is equipped with the First Choice Plus silicone anti-colic physiological teat for optimal feeding comfort.
My first Nuk from Nuk. 5,90 € the baby bottle pink or blue of 300 ml.


Made of glass for perfect hygiene, it benefits from a new teat equipped with cells that enhance flexibility for a more natural feeding.
Ideal for promoting breast-bottle alternation, it is compatible with the breast pump and accessories of the range.
Natural baby bottle: € 11 in 120 ml and € 13 in 240 ml (Philips Avent).
Where to find it?


In glass like the original model, this baby bottle is back in the air, but declined its rubber or silicone nipple to please everyone. This one is provided with two eccentric holes to avoid the milk to arrive directly in the throat.
Bottle 240 ml vintage: 5,48 € (dBb Remond).
Where to find it?


Easy to hold in hand thanks to its curved line, this polypropylene bottle is equipped with a pacifier silicone valve anticoliques that best mimics the breast.
Bottle closer to nature: from 7,90 € in 150 ml to 10,90 € in 340 ml (Tommee Tippee).
More info here.

New look

Made of rubber, this bottle cleaner makes cleaning bottles easier without scratching, ensuring a longer life. Smart, the perfect little brush to dislodge milk in nipples slips into the handle. Anti-scratch bottle brush: 12,50 € (Babysun).
More info here.


A bottle 100% French made in the Alps and Auvergne, with a magical decor, when the milk fills the clouds, and a graduated ml / oz, the number of oz indicates the number of spoonfuls of milk powder corresponding! Sold with a 3-speed nipple, either natural rubber or silicone.
Gaston baby bottle, Cloud '
Its price: € 12.90, the 330 ml.
More info here.


The precursor of the bottle as we know it. Today, babybbond bottles are still popular This model with bubble decor is polypropylene without bisphenol A. The pacifier silicone air regulator prevents the baby to swallow air causing infant colic.
Available in 240 and 330 ml. Regul'air baby bottle Bubbles from dBbRemond
Its price: 5,10 € (240 ml).
Where to find this bottle?


Equipped with two removable handles with small balls to awaken your baby, this bottle is easy to grasp.
We appreciate: the cap equipped with a leak-proof flange and the double scale scale to facilitate the dosage of food.
Available in 150 and 250 ml.
Its +: this bottle is used with all standard teats on the market without risk of leakage.
Soft and Fun Bottle Sophie Vulli's Giraffe
Its price: from 5,20 €.
More info here.

A set

Tigex launches the "Starter set" bringing together two 150ml and 300ml wide-base Intuition baby bottles, a 2-in-1 dual fiber bottlebrush with a built-in nipple rinse, great for tracking milk residues and a 4-compartment milk powder dose box, allowing organize daily baby meals.
A practical and economical kit that includes the essential products to start bottle-feeding. € 14.75.

More informations


Fast, this bottle warmer works on mains and on cigarette lighter to be useful at home as on the move. It stops automatically and signals it with a visual and audible alarm. Without Bisphenol A, it is equipped with a pod for water and an adapter for small pots: 53 € (Babymoov).
More info here.


Convenient, this machine delivers water at the right temperature in 30 seconds at the touch of a button. Convenient, the flow of water facilitates the mixing powder and water. She also knows how to warm the little pots.Bib'expresso: 90 € (Béaba). Several colors.
More info here.