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Choose a blanket

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Like more than half of babies, your child from 6 to 12 months will probably choose a teddy bear, a piece of cloth, a rabbit ... in short, a blanket that he will not let go! Our advice and our selection.

What is the blanket?

  • This transitional object, as the psys call it, is the link between the house and the outside. It allows your child to keep in touch with you even when you are not there.
  • He helps him to become independent, while reassuring and consoling him, especially at the nursery, at the nursery, or in the evening when he is alone in his bed.

Which comforter to choose?

  • Often, it is your child who designates the object that will become his blanket. You can also put one in his hands.
  • Choose a model that cleans, dries quickly and can be replaced in case of loss. Tattoo it in indelible fabric felt (the simplest solution) with your coordinates.
  • Finally, store it in a place where your child can find it easily.

Council +

Choose toys with the CE mark and select a blanket carrying an ecolabel guaranteeing the absence of toxic substances: NF environment, Öko Test, GS, SpielGut. And wash it before using it.

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