20 misconceptions about pregnancy

20 misconceptions about pregnancy

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Your girlfriends, colleagues or other confidantes, not always well-intentioned, have given you a more or less reassuring portrait of what awaits you during your pregnancy.

Can you cross your legs? Are you going to give birth on a full moon night? Can you eat everything? Many ideas have always been about pregnancy and the women around you have certainly given you their opinion. Which is far from clarifying the situation!


1. "My belly looks like a rugby ball, so all my neighbors tell me I'm waiting for a boy."

  • The shape of your belly has nothing to do with the sex of your baby. It is due to your arch that pushes the uterus forward, the elasticity of your skin or the morphology of your pelvis. To avoid distending the abdominal wall, correct this static by tilting your pelvis forward and standing upright, as if you were trying to tummy.

2. "My sister-in-law claims that waiting for a girl steals the beauty of the mother, I am covered with acne!"

  • The feminine mother-daughter rivalry is unrelated to acne! Your body is experiencing a hormonal upheaval that affects, in particular, dermatologically. Dry before pregnancy, it happens that the skin becomes more oily acne prone and the opposite can occur also, regardless of the sex of the child. Not wanting to girls ...

3. "I'm waiting for my fourth ... boy, a friend assures me that I will never have a daughter with the same father!"

  • If the future dad carries only Y sperm, he can only produce sons. But it happens very rarely! The determination of your child's sex is also favored by the acidity of the cervical mucus of the vagina causing the spermatozoa to move up towards the ovum. It may be possible to modify its nature by using diets (by favoring foods rich in sodium and potassium to have a boy and foods rich in calcium and magnesium for a girl) or prescription vaginal injections. medical. These methods are effective in about 70% of cases.


4. "I'm getting a lot of fat, a colleague told me that it was because of hormones and that I had to eat more fruits to cut my appetite."

  • Only a malfunction of your thyroid gland can be responsible for excessive hormone-related weight gain. You may tend to eat more than you think. To be sure, write down everything you eat for a few days and talk to a midwife or maternity dietician for personalized advice. She may advise you to limit your consumption of fruit: one per day is sufficient because of their sugar content.

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