How to choose a solar index?

How to choose a solar index?

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Take beautiful colors ... without taking risks, this is the ideal. Once you have selected your favorite brand, you still have to choose the protection index of your sun care. Not always easy to navigate? Follow our clues!

How to read this index?

It appears on the package in abbreviated form. To know :

  • IP for protection class.
  • FPS for sun protection factor.
  • SPF for Sun Protection Factor (English version).

What is this index for?

His evaluation is done in the laboratory, so theoretical. This implies that you regularly renew the application of your sun care every two hours to get closer to the calculation of cosmetologists. Here is what the index is for:

  • It indicates the exposure time possible without risk of sunburn or redness.
  • It serves you to know the capacity of your solar care to curb the sun's rays.
  • It helps you choose your care depending on your skin type.

How to choose the right index?

There are four levels of protection. How to use it:

  • Choose an index from 6 to 10, Low Protection, if your skin is dull and never takes a sunburn.
  • Opt for an index of 15 to 20, Medium Protection, if you have light skin that easily tans.
  • Prefer an index of 30 to 50 , High Protection, if you are blonde with fair skin and prone to sunburn.
  • Buy a 50 + indexVery High Protection, if your skin is very light, with freckles and you always get sunburn.

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