How to react if my child gets lost in the crowd?

How to react if my child gets lost in the crowd?

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Market, supermarket, station ...: a moment of inattention in these lively places can suffice to lose your child's eyes! What to do when this happens? And what to tell him when you find him? Our advices.

What does a child feel when he realizes he is lost? And his parents?

  • Anxiety! On the side of the child, it will be all the stronger as he will be drowned in a crowd in which he will not distinguish any known face. Some children will then burst into tears or scream and thus attract attention. Others, on the contrary, say nothing and start looking in all directions. It may be that no one notices them.
  • For their part, the parents have a meteoric surge of adrenaline and their mind is immediately crossed questions: my child is left alone? Has it been recovered? Where to start looking? We can speak of a real state of shock, in which we are not all equal.
  • Panic makes some people lose money, while others do not allow themselves to be overflowed and manage to behave more closely to the situation.

What to do when you lose your child in a crowd?

  • The best thing to do is to stop the maximum of people around you by calling them without hesitation: "I lost my child, help me". You have to describe it and send people who want to help you in different directions, by setting up a meeting point: "My child is 4 years old, hair like this, a coat of this color, etc., we end up such a place ... "
  • Research will be easier in enclosed areas (supermarkets, for example) than in a market or, worse, a beach. In summer, on a beach stretching as far as the eye can see, a child risks getting lost very easily: it is enough that he drifts a little while bathing and gets out of the water 30 m further than his towel for lose your bearings ... Everyone looks alike, in a swimsuit!
  • Good to know : a child lost on a beach will always walk back to the sun.

Once the child is found, the parents sometimes have strange reactions ...

  • Yes ! We can burst into tears like slapping! Many adults say: "I did not recognize myself." Why? It depends of course on the character of each but also of his state of mind at the moment the child is found.
  • Because the anguish of the adult can be mixed with anger ("I told him not to leave me ... He's really only at his head! He never obeys me!"), Which explains some explosions, including physical, during the reunion.
  • Others will unconsciously identify the child with the anguish experienced and punish him for having frightened them too. We must also admit that finding a child's mouth in heart, eyes on the toy that attracted him, without the awareness of having been lost, it is irritating - even if it is better for the child!

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