How to treat a pregnant sore throat?

How to treat a pregnant sore throat?

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Uncomfortable but rarely serious, sore throat is often a symptom of diseases affecting the ENT area. If it can be easily treated, it is advisable during the pregnancy to forbid any form of self-medication!

Sore throat: why?

  • In winter mainly, the cold weakens our organism and makes it more sensitive to microbial, viral or bacterial attacks. The pregnant woman is all the more exposed to these winter ailments because her body is already in great demand.

Mild but painful ailments

  • On the program of the winter festivities, colds, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, or other otitis which besides putting us K.O can trigger sharp pains in the throat.

Pregnant: no self-medication!

  • There are many treatments for treating sore throats. Their prescription will depend on whether it is a viral or bacterial disease. But during a pregnancy, few drugs are allowed: even if they buy without prescription, even if they have been proven in the past, some drugs can have adverse effects during pregnancy. So no self-medication!

Fever and ganglia? We consult

  • In the presence of high fever and lymph nodes, symptoms indicating that it may be angina, or a strong cough may indicate the presence of bronchitis, it should be consulted without hesitation.

Cold, sore throat? We try soft remedies

  • In case of a cold, it is possible initially, in case of acute pain, to take paracetamol and only paracetamol. The use of aspirin (except special case) and ibuprofen are formally contraindicated during pregnancy.
  • A hot water drink with lemon juice and a spoonful of honey has a soothing effect on sore throats.
  • There are also homeopathy and herbal remedies that are very effective and adapted to the pregnant woman, but these therapies are not devoid of side effects. It is therefore advisable to ask the pharmacist for an opinion before using them.
  • And if the symptoms persist beyond 2 days, it is better to turn to your doctor.

4 simple steps to avoid contamination

Pregnant, it is more than ever necessary to bet on prevention, and avoid putting yourself in a situation of being contaminated.
  • We avoid frequenting public places
  • We wash regularly and carefully hands
  • We dress warmly.
  • In times of extreme cold, one hides one's nose in a sling, so as to protect the mucous membranes from external aggression.

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