How is your baby being understood?

How is your baby being understood?

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Cuddle, hunger, sleep ... right from the start, your baby has a whole range of sounds to tell you how he feels and what he wants from you.

  • Even though he can not speak yet, your baby is always in touch with you. A few days ago, he is already understood and expresses his needs by emitting sounds. For this, he has five different: the sound of contact, the sound of sleep, the sound when drinking, the sound of well-being and that of bad mood.

The sound "hug"

  • Thee contact sound is a short, isolated sound, a tenth of a second. You often hear it soon after your baby wakes up. It means, "Is there anyone?" It's best to go to him and talk to him. If you are on the phone, rest assured, he does not feel abandoned and can wait a minute. At night, you may not hear it because you are sleeping. In this case, your child starts crying, stronger signal to get an answer from you. This is why it is convenient to have a common room at the beginning. If you can not, leave the doors open to hear it.

A sum, it feels good

  • The typical sound of sleep sounds like a sound of contentment and is a little longer than the contact sound. You perceive it when your baby changes position in bed and almost mean: "I'm fine, do not worry".

Too happy to eat

  • The sound of feeding accompanies breastfeeding or bottle feeding. With each sip, your baby emits this sound at the rate at which he drinks, about once a second. It is a sound of contentment that tells you that the milk flows in good quantity. If your child is not noisy and you are breastfeeding, change your breast or move to another position. If you give the bottle, check that the pacifier is not clogged.

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