Betrousse competition: the list of winners

Betrousse competition: the list of winners

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Many of you have participated in our contest to win 20 Baby Baby Betrousses containing everything needed for the first moments with baby. Quickly see the list of winners!

Edwige L. (Etampes Sur Marne)

Robert C. (Beausoleil)

Allan S. (Messanges)

Mélanie D. (Wattrelos)

Claude F. (Puylaurens)

Isabelle D. (Marliens)

Elisabeth M. (Troisvilles)

Estelle G. (Auzouer In Touraine)

Benoit B. (Chateaulin)

Alison S. (St. Suzanne)

Manuela Y. (Dijon)

Guillaume R. (Lyon)

Virginie Q. (Publish)

Jenny L. (Moncontour)

Jessy C. (Saint Laurent Du Var)

Vanessa (P. Pont Sur Sambre)

Nicole S. (Montredon Des Corbieres)

Melanie C. (Octeville)

Martine P. (Cast)

Elodie Le T. (Holy Mars Desert)