To know or not the sex of her baby?

To know or not the sex of her baby?

This is a question that feeds conversations. Girl or boy ... do you have to know before giving birth? Two camps exist. And everyone has convincing arguments. You choose !

To absolutely want a boy or a girl

  • Date of ovulation, salty food, use of a pendulum: if, before conceiving your child, you put all the chances of your side to give birth of a boy or a girl, it is a safe bet that you'll want to know if your method worked! This desire can be even more affirmed after a first delivery. You had a little boy. You now want a girl. This is called the choice of the king. At the time, it was crucial that the queen first give birth to an heir for the succession of the crown. Today, it is more about a social ideal of happiness. The choice of the king means mothers who have the opportunity to educate two children of different sex. Some moms prefer to raise only boys or girls. And others do not attach themselves to this question at all.

The followers of the yes

  • Parents who want to know the sex of their child suggest that it personifies the future baby and that it facilitates their organization. Choice of the first name, preparation of the room, clothes, dialogue with the possible brothers and sisters. Knowing the sex of the baby would help to project into the new family pattern.

The followers of the no

  • Those who do not want to know sex say that, in any case, they will be delighted. They like to keep some mystery while today, pregnancies are medically very framed. Unconsciously or consciously, they subscribe to a form of intellectual flexibility whose creed is to welcome what life has reserved for them.

Manage your ability to imagine the child's future

  • All parents fantasize around the sex of the child, because it generates projections: my daughter will she be a musician like me? Will my son have the same dimple as me? Those who know the sex of their child during pregnancy use this latency period to manage these projections. Sometimes they exceed a disappointment, that of not having a sex child they wanted. Those who discover the sex of their child during childbirth face the same situation, with a few months apart and in the presence of the newborn.

Girl or boy ?

  • During the second ultrasound, you will be able to obtain the precious answer. Nevertheless, some newborns are more facetious than others. And the doctor can not always decide. As future parents, it is important that you take a common position on the issue. Otherwise, there may be a slight moment of hesitation when the doctor asks you if you want to know the sex of your child!

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