25 lucky first names

25 lucky first names

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And if there were lucky first names, able to boost all the chances of baby? Felix, Laly, Noham, Joy ... discover our selection of names full of promise and hope to make his happiness this year.

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Or Matisse, why not? Hebrew Mattathiah, meaning "gift of God", this beautiful name will give you a real gift of heaven as a baby. His birthday: September 21st.


Looking for an original idea? Asha means hope in Native American ... a beautiful idea for your baby of love!


The joy comes ... that's what this name means in Nigerian. Original, it also has the advantage of being mixed. What happiness, we tell you!


Hope, hope ... that's the meaning of this beautiful name of an Anglo-Saxon girl. Hope you like it!


Give yourself a baby sunbeam with this name from Hebrew guila which means "joy". His birthday: April 8th.


Girl or boy, give yourself a trip to paradise with this name that means "pleasure and delight" in Hebrew. To celebrate November 1st.


Here is a Malagasy name which means "joie de vivre", a whole program ...


Latin faustus "favored, happy" ... a dreamed name to see the world with the eyes of happiness. His birthday: January 15th.


Mixed name, here is an original idea from the word Keola which means "life" in Hawaiian. For a baby full of life and source of happiness ...


"He who announces good news" ... that is the meaning of Bekir in Arabic language. An angel what! In addition, it is the sign of a little angel overflowing with energy and joie de vivre.

More On Bekir


Want a real ray of sunshine all year long? Go for Noham, which means pleasure and sweetness in Arabic. An original idea more!


Japanese feminine given pronunciation "ke-ee-ko", it has different meanings according to the dialects and can thus mean "child of joy" or "child of revelation". An entire program !


... but also Félicie, Féliciane or Félicité, here is a name that makes you happy! Feminine form of Felix which means "happy" in Latin, this name full of promises is celebrated on March 7th.


Having the same origin as the Welsh term "gwyn" (white), the name Guénaëlle "is commonly translated as" white ", but it also means" happy "and who is happy ... makes happiness around him! will bring you the same joy of living His party: November 3rd.


There is joy with this name! Bubbles of happiness in the program ... English word used for joy, this word rich of promises became first name. His birthday: August 18th.


Want a ray of sunshine to brighten your life? Latinlaetitia orlaetitiae which means "joy" or "joy" ... that's a bright name full of promise! His birthday: August 18th. More On Laeticia


There is happiness in this name! Very popular in Russia and the Scandinavian countries, it comes from the Germanic word holg which means "happiness, luck". What bring happiness to your wonder all his life. His birthday: July 11th.


With her, you will see the pink in purple! Diminutive of Laetitia, Latin "laetitia", joy, Laly hides a mischievous girl, full of tenderness and joy. What more can you wish for? His birthday: August 18th.


Latin felix, "happy, lucky", this is a name that should make you happy! More info about Félix


The name Amara is a variant of Arabic "amar", which was used as a nickname for architects. Later, it was given a different meaning that refers to happiness and prosperity ... all we need!


The name Alaia is synonymous with "virtuous" in Arabic, while it means "happiness" and "joy" in Basque. Come on, we take the second option, do not you?


Where will happiness come from? No idea, but it sure will be with the appointment with this beautiful Scandinavian name meaning "bright day". Just that !


Butch happiness with this sweet name of boy who, in the Arabic language, means "auspicious", "good omen".


Head in the stars and happiness in the eyes, here is Celestin! Latin Caelestiswhich means "heavenly", this beautiful name will propel your angel to the summit of happiness. And if it's a girl, think Celeste, Celestine. His feast: April 6 for Pope Celestine 1st or May 19 for Pope Celestine V.


In Russian, nadesjdameans hope ... it is also the diminutive slave of Nadège and a variant of Nâdiya, name of arable origin meaning generous. An entire program ! His birthday: September 18th.