Games to help him control his balance

Games to help him control his balance

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Enjoy the good weather to play with your child and improve his sense of balance and muscle coordination with fun games. Here are some ideas for playing the balancing act.

The Japanese step

  • Place cardboard plates on the floor, spacing them so that your little player can easily walk on one of them with every step: "Imagine that the plates are rocks that you have to borrow because in the middle (the ground) there is the sea and the crocodiles ... "
  • Will he manage to cross the ocean without being devoured?

The giants' march

  • Using ribbons, tie cans under your feet as stilts.
  • He must walk to the sound of music and stop like a statue as soon as you stop the music. You reconnect the sound and it starts again. And so on.

The demarcation line

  • Draw a chalk line on the balcony or on a paved driveway or with a stick on the wet sand.
  • Then have your child walk on it as if it were a balancing act. Oops, be careful not to fall!

Zoo dance

  • Your player must take himself for an animal and move his body like him: waving like a snake, stomping like an elephant, jumping like a kangaroo, flying like a bird, galloping like a horse ... To you mom!

Finally, the rest of the king

  • Nothing like this game to calm your little excited after an afternoon: lie down and not move, no longer smile or talk. Not an eyelash moves ... otherwise, he lost.

Council +

Do not forget the hickory, a timeless that has proven itself, in terms of play and balance.

Safia Amor