Children's drawings: real masterpieces

Children's drawings: real masterpieces

Children's drawings are works of art. So why leave them at the bottom of a drawer? Give them a real place in the house! By transforming their drawings into real paintings, Madame Pop and Kids proposes to reveal the artistic creativity of your dear children.

Karine Sabolovic aka Madame Pop, visual art creator but also mom, explains the original concept she has just launched.

Why Madame Pop and Kids?

  • I found the first drawings from my daughter, Lala, so funny and creative that like all moms I collected them. But I wanted to do something about it, to perpetuate it. I wanted to show Lala that what she created was valuable to me.
  • I reworked his drawings in illustration and painting. I did tests on different media.
  • When I offered him his first painting, she was so happy that I wanted to share this happiness with other moms. It gave me the idea to create the site Madame Pop and Kids.

How it works ?

  • It is very simple ! Parents go to the site. They select a support: wood, textile, PVC, tiles ... and a format. The work of their child can be declined as much as a painting in bed linen, carpets or Japanese panel.
  • They send me the digitized drawing of their child via the site. If they do not have the necessary tools, they can send it to me by mail.
  • They choose on a color chart the dominant color of the painting, the one that will best suit the decoration of their house.
  • Once the order is finalized, I rework the drawing. I send them a preview that they must validate. After, everything goes into production and the product is delivered to the house. It takes 3 weeks between ordering and delivery.

The most of Madame Pop and Kids?

  • Children's drawings have a very strong emotional value. These are powerful and precious messages of love. By perpetuating them, I transform them into unique pieces, in "collector".
  • It's an original gift idea, accessible from 39,90 €, whose sentimental value touches enormously, especially the grandparents.

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Interview by Frédérique Odasso