Become a dad, everything changes!

Become a dad, everything changes!

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Your schedules have changed, your priorities are messy, nothing is as before since a little being came into your life ... Do not panic! Our journalist, young dad, helps you find your marks thanks to the advice of a specialist.

By becoming a father, you walk into another world. These upheavals seem difficult to overcome? The basic principle for feeling as good as three or two can be summed up as: "It was not better before, it was different ..." Bernard Geberowicz, psychiatrist *, gives his opinion of specialist on some aspects of your new life that probably did not escape you!

Where did my fat mornings go?

  • The first victim of your baby? The fat morning Sunday. Because chances are so small that the little angel will let you sleep after 7 am in the next, say, five years. It may seem like a long time when bedtime was your favorite pastime.
  • The specialist's advice: do not expect the situation to return as before because it will not be the case. Even if it is not always easy, you should rather say that breakfast is a good time of intimacy with your baby, who is particularly happy to see you. He knows how to be forgiven by offering you his most beautiful risks. And then, you have to pass the baton from time to time to grandparents to offer you a good morning, like a mini-vacation.

No more walking with your hands in your pockets?

  • A walk in the forest on this beautiful Sunday? No problem. Just do not forget the baby's bag. Included: cream, diaper and full aftermarket, toy bag, meals, seat, stroller, and baby! The total volume of all this gear makes you feel like you're going for a two-month trek in Nepal? It's normal. Obviously, the feeling of lightness, of freedom of a spring getaway is much more difficult to feel when, loaded like a mule, it is fencing on a stroller stuck in the grass.
  • The specialist's advice: rather than clinging to an old repository, it is better to accept the new constraints of the situation and try to laugh at it rather than pestering when storing the chest. Tell yourself that there must be some room in the glove box for your business ... But you thought about the blanket, at least?

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