Disappearances of Alessia and Livia, six-year-old twins

Disappearances of Alessia and Livia, six-year-old twins

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Where are Alessia and Livia, 6 years old? Abducted by their father on January 30 in Switzerland, the girls are not found. In the meantime, their father committed suicide leaving no clue. But according to the last elements of the investigation, they could be in Corsica. (News of the 07/02/11)

Because he was struggling with the separation from his wife, Matthias Schepp, a 43-year-old engineer, abducted his two daughters, Alessia and Livia, six-year-old twins, before committing suicide a few days later, throwing himself under a train, in the south of Italy. But if he decided to end his life, he did not leave any indication on the fate of his children.

The Corsican track

  • According to the latest elements of the survey, the father and his daughters were seen in Marseille on Wednesday night, buying three ferry tickets for Propriano, Corsica. The public prosecutor of Marseille has confirmed the purchase of 3 tickets. But are they really gone? No witness seems to be able to confirm it.
  • Researches are continuing mainly in France, Italy and Switzerland, but Interpol sent Sunday an alert to its 188 member countries.

Reporting girls

  • Alessia: 6 years, 115 cm, blonde hair, long, medical glasses in burgundy titanium, wears a white, red and pink striped t-shirt, a white down jacket with beige interior, blue jeans and black boots.
  • Livia : 6 years, 115 cm, long blond hair, wears a green t-shirt, a purple ski jacket, blue jeans, white and pink Adidas brand sneakers, orange titanium medical glasses.

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