Start of the 28th Restos du Cœur campaign

Start of the 28th Restos du Cœur campaign

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It's been 27 years since the association founded by Coluche is not cold-blooded. She begins today her 28th winter campaign. This is an opportunity to salute the commitment of these women and men, volunteers, who mobilize against blizzard and biting cold, to distribute decent food, warm clothes and warmth. (News of 26/11/12))

The Restos du Cœur: some figures from the 2011-2012 campaign

  • 63,000 volunteers distributed 115 million balanced meals.
  • The 2040 centers and antennas welcomed 870,000 people.
  • 1581 people in difficulty were housed.
  • 563,000 benefactors paid 92 million euros by donation or legacy.

Baby Restos du Coeur: a special structure for poor parents

  • In France, 85 Baby Restaurants of the Heart respond to the specific problems of parents and future parents.
  • They offer for young children, adapted food, clothing, diapers, pediatric advice, baby equipment, toys, etc.
  • Volunteers and professionals (pediatricians, midwives, nurses, social workers ...) bring their experiences and skills.
  • In 2011, 32,000 babies less than 12 months of age have been helped in the Restos Bébés du Coeur.

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