Moving: 6 tips to prepare your child

Moving: 6 tips to prepare your child

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Whether you simply change neighborhoods or go to the other side of France, a move is always an upheaval for the child, particularly dependent on its benchmarks. It is important to put yourself in a position to prepare it well.

1. Show yourself reassuring and positive

  • Before reassuring your child, first of all reassure yourself. It is essential that this change be made in a calm climate. Get rid of your own anxiety because your child feels it, even if you think you are doing the wrong thing. If he feels that you are leaving this home without regret or apprehension, he will be able to address this change positively. Avoid the unsaid, which could be a source of stress for him, he can interpret them dramatically.

2. Explain your motivations

  • Whatever the reason for the move, it is necessary to tell your child why change is happening. On the pretext of protecting it, parents often have the reflex to schematize the explanations of departure. They are content with a vague "Dad must move because of his work", thinking that the child is not able to understand the details of the story.
  • On the contrary. As soon as the opportunity for a move emerges, have a family council where everyone can explain what is good for him to change house or city and possibly share the doubts that hover. Associated with the decision process, the child will feel less vulnerable.

3. Prepare it with books

  • If he's still a kid, read books about what a move is: why do people move, how will it be on D-Day with the movers and boxes, what's in his new house and what's new? school ... These books of children's literature, by staging a character who lives in the same situation as he and to whom he can identify, are effective in dramatizing the event and preparing it for details that seem insignificant but are likely to mark it.
  • In addition, emphasize the positive aspects of the change: a more beautiful house, new friends ... moving is a chance that is not given to everyone!

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