Good use of the routine

Good use of the routine

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The "train-train", the daily, it does not dream anyone. And if it was necessary for the harmony of the couple? Two specialists offer their advice: Corinne Antoine, psychologist, and Yvon Dallaire, sex therapist and couple therapist.

  • We would like our dear and tender often surprises us, imagine small restaurants one-to-one, weekends unexpectedly ... Not so easy to organize, especially when we are parents and we intend to offer to his children stable landmarks. The routine always catches up with the family ... and gradually settles in the couple too. Inevitably! But in the end is it bad? Maybe not. Provided you rely on the good rituals lovers and especially not to end up falling asleep.

To reassure oneself

  • After the feverish beginnings of our love story and a few years together, the relationship becomes less hectic. This is the opportunity to say whew and savor a certain emotional serenity.
  • With two, we built a kind of back base, a cocoon in love where we get back together by finding ourselves in the evening after work, to sleep under the duvet, in the morning at breakfast, on vacation ... It's so good ! Everything seems to be happening as expected: we have a darling, a nest, a baby. We no longer try to reassure ourselves about the other's feelings. So we have enough energy left to invest ourselves professionally or to leave us spaces in our working mother schedule.
  • "We all need this security, says Yvon Dallaire, and women in particular." For themselves, for the health of the couple as well as for the balance of the family. And the secret of the marital equation is a little regularity. Good days, we see the positive side and the benefits of a strong organization. But on bad days, we talk about routine to translate his boredom. Simple problem of perception of the same reality? "We can still bring a little glamor to the table, because the serenity and security are not enough to maintain the flame over time," warns Corinne Antoine.

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