Ouch, he banged!

Ouch, he banged!

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Going to discover the world, even guided by an attentive mother, is not without risk. The advice of Dr. Jean Lavaud, pediatrician, to cope with small pains.

Your intrepid young person is practicing walking and this learning is not done without some hazards. And as he has not yet integrated the notion of danger, it is not uncommon for him to hurt himself running, climbing ... To accompany your baby in his conquest of the world, here is the way to go.

He hit his head but did not lose consciousness

A fall is quickly arrived. It is important to note that the vast majority of babies who bang their heads fall ... from the changing table, the parents' bed or the high chair!

  • Your child cries, cries, but does not have any particular problems. After a big hug, be careful. You know him better than anyone and you are more available than hospital staff.
  • Go to the emergency department if you notice any of these symptoms : disturbances of alertness, late and repeated vomiting, abnormality of pupil size compared to the other, convulsions, decreased mobility of one of the limbs.
  • If the incident happens in the evening, put your child to bed soon after, and check every three hours that his breathing is normal and that he sleeps peacefully. If you have the slightest doubt about his state of consciousness, do not hesitate to wake him to have the heart net.

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