Awaken your child to colors!

Awaken your child to colors!

Blue boots, a red car, a white daisy ... At age 3, your little observer begins to identify colors and he loves it. Take the opportunity to help him in his visual discoveries ...

At 2 years old, where is it?

  • He loves life in color! The grisaille? No question for your toddler: he loves his yellow duck, his red bob and life in pink ... But what is difficult for him is to learn to name the colors precisely!
  • For help. A book: "Colors". Initially a small gray print on a blank page. You have to tap on it. Hop, next page, it's an explosion of colorful prints. So from one page to another, your little reader is invited to mix, type, crush, play with the colors, just to see what happens ... Observe that the red and the blue, when we shake the book, make purple on the next page! Nothing prevents you to take out the pots of paint and experiment, in real life. But with this interactive and sensual book, the pleasure is already there! By Herve Tullet, ed. Bayard Youth, € 11.90.

At 3 years old, where is it?

  • He names five or six colors, that's it! He knows how to name five or six colors, the most common ones like the red of the car, the blue of the sky, the yellow chick ... Sometimes he is mistaken.

At 4 years old, where is it?

  • He knows about ten colors. He has progressed, he identifies green, blue, red, white, yellow, orange, brown, black and gray, pink. But it is not always so easy, because bruises, there are plenty, clear, and dark, vivid or matte ... sometimes it is fixed on one of them: the black to draw (he loves to draw), the pink to dress!
  • For help. A game: Mr all blue (or Madame all blue). Why not try, one day, to dress all in blue? No worries, with jeans all going ... Offer your little Smurf to look in his wardrobe socks, pants, pants, a darling ... blue. And the boots, what colors are they? Shape things: light blue, pastel blue, navy blue, jean blue ...

At 6, where is it?

  • His perception is refined. He now knows many colors and even subtle ... again, we must learn to name them. Do not hesitate to take it to the museums and register it at a small workshop around colors. Many of them offer them.
  • You can help you find your way around the colors with the site : Another idea, stroll in a drawing shop and watch the tubes of gouache, beautiful!
  • For help : an activity at home. A blue table. Cut out all the possible blues in the magazines and learn how to name them: turquoise, indigo, petrol blue, Prussian blue like the sea sometimes, denim blue, denim blue, Klein blue, the famous one! blue sky, cobalt ... There are so many more ... You can simply have fun to paste them on a large sheet, and just put a name below, a beautiful collection of blue ...
  • More creative, have fun photocopying your photo by enlarging it. Compose a beautiful self-portrait in blue mosaic by sticking your little pieces: eyebrows in Prussian blue, mouth in cobalt blue, light blue hair ... Of course, you can make other works with reds (brick, cherry, crushed strawberry, burgundy, vermilion), greens (apple, celadon, meadow, anise, linden ...)

Agnes Barboux