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Fantasy Aquarius

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Born between January 20th and February 19th, your little Aquarius is an original, independent and intuitive child. What are his main character traits, how do you behave with him, what games or gift ideas for his birthday?

His character

  • If you were not sure if you had been wearing it for nine months, you would wonder what planet your Aquarius baby has fallen ... As soon as he knows how to talk - earlier than average, he is very communicative -, it will tell you a lot about the fairy of the stars and the intergalactic links which are woven between the creatures ...
  • "Me alone!", Insists your little Aquarius when you help him put on his coat buttons! Of course, your little curious needs to try for himself. But even more so, your Aquarian child does not like that much to be mothered ... You would risk to encroach on his precious freedom!
  • Would it be a little cold? It is especially independent, unique, inventive. And anyway able to change your mind in the minute: "You put them on my shoes, mom?"
  • He is very attachanYour little Aquarius! First, he is happy, lively and full of imagination. It does not matter if he dress up as Santa Claus for the school holiday, or wear sandals in the February cold. It displays a frank independence of spirit. Throughout his life, your little original, idealist, creative and always ahead of his time, will think outside the box.
  • He's also a budding humanist, tender and generous who would quickly abolish, well done, all frontiers between countries if he could! And then, he cultivates with delight the difference. He is so funny and always one step ahead of others. Do not you think he already has a gift to revisit the Lacroix style, plus, more ... cosmic?

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