Father's Day: Gift Ideas

Father's Day: Gift Ideas

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Dad, it's the best, the strongest, the biggest ... and he deserves a gift to his height! Our selection to celebrate dads as it should be on June 19, 2016.

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Father's Day: Gift Ideas (25 photos)

Traveler's dad

Want to escape just the time of a weekend? Cotton and buffalo leather bag for dad's trips: 129 € (Nature and Discoveries). Where to find it?

Papa gadget

Projector for smartphones photos and videos. Dad will be able to project his most beautiful memories on any wall or screen! Price: 27,00 € (Lollil)

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Dad cook

Book of 80 simple and quick recipes to prepare (20 min) for the evenings of the week. Who said Dad did not know how to cook? Price: 20,20 € (Nature and Discoveries)

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Daddy drinking coffee

Palette of organic coffee flavors from Peru, Guatemala, Mexico and Ethiopia. With these cafes, Dad can get up only on the right foot! Price: € 29.90 (Nature and Discoveries)

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Matte fat daddy

Support tray for digital tablet. An ideal gift for dads who have breakfast in bed! Price: € 18.00 (Lollil)

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Papa chic

Cheche in blue linen. Perfect for dad's neck in mid-season. Price: 34,95 € (Nature and Discoveries)

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Daddy relaxed

Want to let go? This massage mask with hot compressions will be perfect to relax your papounet! Price: 129,90 € (Nature and Discoveries)

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Daddy King of BBQ

Grilled recipe book that will make dad the king of the barbecue! Price: € 11.99 (Alinea)

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Geek dad

With this personalized mouse pad with a drawing of his child, it will be difficult for Dad to stay focused at work ... too bad!
19,90 € (Madame Pop and Kids).
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Papa ... precious

Your dad is precious and you want to show him how much you love him? We have selected for you and your kids 6 personalized gift ideas for dads to offer on June 19th!

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Dad too much

"Dad, you're the best of all dads" ... with this message, thankfully Dad will not wear this ankle bracelet! Bracelet in 925 silver and nylon 60 € (Doriane).
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Dad top chef

A personalized apron ... it will please him! € 24.90.

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Papa greedy

Handyman or not, dad will love to feast with this toolbox all choco: 9,20 (Formerly and greedy).

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Dad connected

Daddy loves his phone ... and your child loves his daddy! A gift that falls right ... and we love its retro side! € 18 (LocaLoca).
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Stressed dad

Dad gets his head? Here is the gift he needs, a Spider head massager. With its 8 legs, this nice spider provides an incredible well-being ... 9,95 € (The Chaise Longue).

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Jedi Papa

He is a fan of Star Wars? This burlap bag should put stars in his eyes! € 31 (Jovens).
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Papa nature

Waking up to the sound of Nature ... too good for a dad! 3 sounds to choose from: waves, birdsong or waterfall. 34,95 € (Nature and discoveries).
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Papa hero

Super hero or top chef ... a bit of both dad! With this apron, we will have to assume. $ 22.78 (Etsy).
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Trendy dad

This Mooréa jersey vintage 70s look is printed with a starry message. 170 € (Villebrequin).

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Cheeky dad

Dad likes braces? Good idea that should please him! 40 € (The Braces of Leon).
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Dad player

Backgammon fan, dad? This trendy game should score points: 24.90 (Bathroom Graffiti).

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Stylish dad

Missing the time of school outing or an important appointment? No way! Other colors to choose from. € 59.90 (Aight).
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Cool dad

For dad's cool break, a cushion just for him! To personalize with your own photos
21,90 € (Family Circus).
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Overworked dad

He too will throw himself on dad's neck, but to massage him! Vibrating cervical cushion: 36,95 € (Nature and discoveries).

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Dad ordered

Cables, refills, extensions ... this vitamin bag swallows everything (18.5 wide, 6 cm high): 7.90 (We store everything).

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