He catches all the microbes that pass ...

He catches all the microbes that pass ...

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Rhino-pharyngitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, gastro-enteritis, bronchiolitis ... He is very small, but he could already draw up his own catalog of childhood diseases!

  • Specialists have counted forty viruses (not less!) And your child has not yet forged his own antibodies, so you understand why you collect prescriptions and bottles of syrup.
  • "A harm for a good", will explain to you your doctor. Indeed, by being in contact with microbes and viruses, your toddler is doing his "immune learning". So you just have to take "his" bad luck.
  • If he is at the nursery, it is now that he is the most exposed and he will be "attack" for kindergarten.
  • If he is at home or at the nurse's, he is better preserved and you will be quieter ... until his entry to the small school!

Some good gestures

  • If your baby has a cold, put drops in your nose.
  • In the absence of symptoms other than fever, take a forty-eight hour observation period before telling the doctor. Either everything will be in order, or the symptoms will be clearer and the diagnosis easier.
  • Give him a drink frequently: maintaining hydration helps to effectively fight off all infections.
  • If your doctor prescribes antibiotics, scrupulously respect the dosage and the time of prescription.
  • Try to keep your child at home as long as he has fever, but do not put him in bed. He can not.