He goes on holiday with his father

He goes on holiday with his father

You and his dad are separated and your toddler will spend half of his father's vacation. A separation sometimes far from easy to manage ... for the little ones. ! How to prepare for it? The advice of our specialist.

The problem

  • Since your separation, your toddler regularly spends several days with his father. But is not it a little young to stay away from you longer?

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. Who says go to dad, said change house, bed ...
  • You. The idea of ​​seeing him go makes you sad and that's normal.


He is still small

  • At 3-4 years, your child is not yet mature enough to spend a whole month without you. And the fact that his dad takes care of it wonderfully does not change anything.

What has to be done

  • Better to split at that age: fifteen days in July and fifteen in August rather than a whole month. Get used to it gradually during the year: a weekend, then several days to small holidays. To help him visualize the duration, color a calendar with him: the red for the weeks with dad, the yellow for those at mom. Also plan to call him at fixed dates and times in agreement with his father. If you can, send him postcards (or drawings). He will be happy to hear from you.

What to tell him

  • "You're used to going to Dad's house this weekend, and this summer you'll spend two Sundays with him in his house."

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