He prefers to play with girls ...

He prefers to play with girls ...

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He plays with Pauline, Kenza, Lili. At this age, normally, the other is mostly a mirror of oneself and the children play indifferently with one or the other sex. He made his choice: only girls! Is not it important that he confronts the other boys?


The girls are captivating!

  • Your child is in full oedipal. He begins to open up to otherness, to be fascinated by the difference of sex. And the girls are really attractive! He envies them. They are smart, express themselves well, their fine psychomotricity is often more developed. Their imagination is rich and they know how to stage. With all that together, they drag him into new games ...

What has to be done

  • Let your little guy explore with happiness these games called "girls" who develop his imagination or imitate the big ones. By playing the doll, does not he finally take control of many small scenes of everyday life?
  • What to tell him. "Would you like to order a dinner party for Santa?"

It's softer, that's all!

  • That's right, boys are often proud of their psychomotor skills valued by society. But yours is contemplative. He does not like the jousts of recreation so much ... especially since he may have a big fighting brother.

What has to be done

  • What luck, you have a child playing! It is essential. The game allows you to stage your difficulties, to overcome them and to expel your aggressiveness. With girls or boys, it does not matter! But let it blow with girls, with other modes of communication.
  • Avoid comments and put an end to the mockery of seniors.
  • What to tell him. "You have the right to play with whoever you want! In life, we choose his friends."

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