He has sunbathed too much

He has sunbathed too much

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The day was beautiful, but you were not wary enough of the sun's rays. Your child has the marks on their face and arms. He is all red.

The problem

  • Your toddler has sensitive skin. You fear that her sunburns will hurt her, prevent her from sleeping. His skin may peel and he will not be able to expose himself the following days.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He's grumpy, agitated, he's crying too: his sunburns annoy him and hurt him.
  • You. It annoys you that his skin is damaged and to see him suffer, but especially to have lacked vigilance.

It's a banal sunburn

Your child's skin is superficial. It has a bright pink color, or red in some cases. This sunburn will heal without a problem in a few days.

  • What has to be done. Undress your child and give him a warm, almost cold bath. If the skin is only red, on a not too big surface, apply a healing ointment in thick layer, type Biafine. Above all, avoid the remedies of grandmother (potato, butter, cheese, yogurt ...). Remember to give him paracetamol, at the dose recommended by your doctor, to reduce the pain. And above all, give him something to drink.
  • What to tell him. "I'm going to apply a soothing cream to you, especially, you do not touch it, little by little, it will get into your skin, it will relieve you, you'll see."

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