There is a problem with his milk ...

There is a problem with his milk ...

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In recent days, your baby starts crying after feeding or regurgitates often. Would his milk be involved? The point with our specialist Françoise Mosser, dietician.

You have decided to wean your baby after breastfeeding or you have been feeding him since birth. In both cases, you offer him artificial milk. He does not seem to tolerate it well? Before rushing to another milk, talk to the doctor.

Its milk is not suitable: signs that do not deceive

  • He regurgitates. At each bottle or at bedtime, your toddler spits a little milk. Consult your pediatrician first to make sure it is not a problem of reflux from the stomach to the esophagus. Remember, however, that all babies regurgitate in small amounts and that the bib is useful at this age!
  • He is crying. At the time of digestion, your infant squirms crying. He folds his knees on his stomach and calms down after a gas emission.
  • His stool changed. They are more numerous, of a different consistency that can lead to diarrhea, followed or not by vomiting.
  • Il shows allergic reactions. They can be respiratory (asthma), cutaneous (eczema, urticaria) or manifest themselves by digestive disorders with repeated vomiting and diarrhea.

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