Childbirth: how to find a place?

Childbirth: how to find a place?

Not always easy for dads to be present at the time of delivery. Embarrassed, transparent, embarrassing, useful, indispensable ... to each his experience! Young dads tell us, our specialists decode.

  • Image of Epinal representing a future dad pacing in the waiting room, the time his wife gives birth, has lived well. Men are now more than admired in the workroom: they are asked to support the future mother. Beware of those who are parading! In a blouse and sometimes wearing a lovely charlotte, they answer mostly present on the day J. To do what? Support the morale of the troops, pass the fogger and welcome their baby at the first second. But do we really allow them to live this moment of childbirth at best? Not always…

"I felt embarrassed"

"My wife stayed in the workroom for more than ten hours, and at each examination I was asked to go out, so I found myself in the hallway, forced to take refuge in a shed barely larger than a telephone booth. always had the impression of embarrassing me. "(Marc, 35, Theo's father, 4 years old)

  • If fathers are invited to attend the delivery, they are not always given a clearly defined place. However, according to Dr. Marie-Françoise Lubeth, obstetrician-surgeon, "the fact that they are accepted today is a great progress, there is still work to better define their role and this can not be done in a day in all the maternities ". A better, but the situation of dads is uncomfortable to say the least. They are badly seen if they remain in the waiting room and not concretely expected in the workroom.
  • But must they be necessarily present and super-active alongside their companion on D-Day to be good fathers? "Not necessarily, according to the psychoanalyst and psycho-sociologist Jean-Claude Liaudet, it is especially important that they have decided in conscience and without pressure of their presence.Therefore they will better manage the surprises and the small misfires of the moment. "For this expert," the essential remains to come, at the time of welcoming the child after birth ".

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