Breastfeeding: a key for weight loss

Breastfeeding: a key for weight loss

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Pregnancy clothes are fun for a moment ... But after the baby is born, it is normal to want to find the line as soon as possible! Is breastfeeding the key to rapid weight loss?

Can breastfeeding really lose weight?

  • It would seem that breastfeeding women tend to find the line more quickly than those who opt for bottle-feeding. Why ? Because some of the fat stored during pregnancy is used to produce breast milk ... Result: you can actually lose a few pounds breastfeeding (weight loss is mostly visible in the hips and thighs). On the other hand, during bottle-feeding, these fats intended for the production of milk are not solicited: to make them disappear, it is then necessary to count on other solutions.

It works every time?

  • In good conditions and if you are breastfeeding exclusively for at least 6 months, you can expect to lose about 2 to 3 pounds, only through breastfeeding.
  • Beyond 6 months, the relationship between breastfeeding and weight loss is not very important ... It should also be noted that many factors can "spoil" the weight loss effects of breastfeeding: for example, an excessively rich diet in sugars and fat is likely to hinder your weight loss, breastfeeding or not!

Can I go on a diet while breastfeeding?

  • Doing a draconian diet may seem tempting, but it is strongly discouraged during the breastfeeding period. Out of the question, for your health and that of your child, to take the risk of suffering from a food deficiency! The ideal is to eat a little of everything, in reasonable quantity ...
  • For a healthy and balanced diet, you can limit as much as possible your consumption of pastries, fries, dishes in sauces and other very fatty or sweet foods. On the other hand, regularly invite fruits and vegetables to your table (at least 5 portions a day) and consume a dairy product at each meal (eg glass of milk, cheese, yoghurt).
  • Side drink, think of herbal teas that promote breastfeeding ... By cons, avoid alcohol: not only does consumption disrupt breastfeeding (it complicates the release of milk) but in addition, it can be harmful for baby.

And sports ?

  • The breastfeeding period is perfectly compatible with sports activities! Useful for accelerating weight loss ... However, for your lactation remains optimal (and you're not too tired) it is recommended to focus on soft and relaxing sports, such as swimming or walking walk.

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