Germany: a law allows children to shout!

Germany: a law allows children to shout!

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Following many complaints about nurseries or schools, in recent years, a new German law now considers that cries of children are no longer part of the "noise nuisance". A conflict between generations revealing a demographics that is running out of steam, with only 1.4 children per woman. (News of the 09/06/11)

  • Too noisy German children? In the eyes of the law that was passed in late May, these are in any case no longer "noise nuisance" and it is now impossible to file a complaint against a nursery because they make too much noise.
  • The new text clearly states that children have the right to make noise because it is essential for their development and well-being. A breath of fresh air for young children's homes ... and parents!

A noise barrier in Hamburg

  • Before this law, nurseries were forced to close or move after neighbors, angry at the cries of the children, complained in a legal vacuum. In Hamburg, for example, an establishment was forced to erect a noise barrier, and near Stuttgart an owner complained about the depreciation of the value of his property after the opening of a nursery on the ground floor. - elevated of his building.
  • Intolerance which may surprise in France, but which is indicative of the gap between generations in Germany. With only 1.4 children per woman, Germany has one of the lowest fertility rates. In 2010, the over-60s accounted for 26% of the population, those under 20, just 18%.

Stéphanie Letellier