Anorexic at his age, it is possible?

Anorexic at his age, it is possible?

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In spite of all your efforts, your child pecks at his plate or invents excuses not to come to the table. The meal is transformed into an arm wrestling. No result, since he swallows nothing or almost.

Every day at the table, your child complains of stomachaches and wants nothing to eat or so little! You think of anorexia but does not this disease occur only in adolescence? In fact, it also affects children before puberty (sometimes even babies!). Between the ages of 8 and 12, there are three boys for every ten girls with anorexic conduct.

The problem

  • He seems to restrict his diet, in quantity more than in quality. He always swallows his chocolate cream, but in microscopic proportions.
  • He often complains of stomach ache or stomach.
  • It melts visibly. At first, you thought it was related to its growth. But here he is, he is losing weight more than he is growing up.
  • He is very active, connects sports activities and its academic results are often irreproachable.
  • You notice that his social relations have diminished. He has fewer friends.
  • With you, he shows himself more and more often irritable, choleric, even mute.

Why does not he eat anymore?

  • Anorexia is a sign of malaise. All the symptoms crystallize around the body image.
  • Eating is associated with weakness. The child locks himself into an ascetic behavior giving him a feeling of power. Unconsciously, he says to himself: "I am able to resist this need, I am stronger than you ..."
  • By refusing to eat, he can also mark an opposition to one of the family members, often the mother who does not have the responsibility to feed her children well, a guarantee of their good health.

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